Angelus 1989 1x750ml -17,50 % +++ Angelus 2000 1x1500ml 0,00 % +++ Ausone 1990 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Bahans Haut Brion 2000 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Chateau Margaux 2003 1x750ml +16,60 % +++ Chateau Margaux 2004 1x750ml +29,73 % +++ Cheval Blanc 1989 1x750ml -14,13 % +++ Cheval Blanc 2000 1x750ml +58,03 % +++ Cos d'Estournel 2000 1x750ml +2,85 % +++ Duhart Milon Rothschild 1996 1x750ml -3,99 % +++ D'Yquem 1990 1x375ml +22,73 % +++ D'Yquem 2000 1x750ml -25,00 % +++ Haut Brion 1989 1x750ml -15,35 % +++ Haut Brion 2003 1x750ml -41,18 % +++ Haut Brion 2006 1x750ml +27,26 % +++ La Conseillante 2000 1x750ml -77,33 % +++ Lafite 1982 1x750ml +13,60 % +++ Lafite 1986 1x750ml -48,11 % +++ Lafite 1990 1x750ml +28,00 % +++ Lafite 2005 1x750ml +44,23 % +++ Lafite 2008 1x750ml +16,60 % +++ Lafite 2009 1x750ml +18,10 % +++ Lafleur 2000 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ La Fleur Petrus 2000 1x750ml -3,28 % +++ La Mission Haut Brion 1989 1x750ml -14,75 % +++ La Mission Haut Brion 2000 1x750ml +4,69 % +++ La Mission Haut Brion 2003 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Latour 1998 1x750ml -26,92 % +++ Leoville Barton 2000 1x750ml +19,02 % +++ Leoville Barton 2003 1x750ml -46,24 % +++ Leoville Barton 2005 1x1500ml -15,63 % +++ Leoville Las Cases 2000 1x750ml -40,26 % +++ Leoville Las Cases 2004 1x750ml -14,18 % +++ Leoville Poyferre 1990 1x750ml -23,49 % +++ Leoville Poyferre 2005 1x750ml -18,47 % +++ Le Pin 1990 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Lynch Bages 2000 1x750ml -5,25 % +++ Lynch Bages 2003 1x750ml +5,49 % +++ Montrose 2005 1x750ml -28,95 % +++ Mouton Rothschild 1986 1x750ml -27,25 % +++ Mouton Rothschild 1998 1x750ml -36,59 % +++ Mouton Rothschild 2000 1x750ml +2,37 % +++ Mouton Rothschild 2001 1x750ml +9,34 % +++ Mouton Rothschild 2004 1x750ml -42,86 % +++ Palmer 2003 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Palmer 2004 1x750ml -18,66 % +++ Pavie 2006 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Petrus 2008 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Pichon Longueville Lalande 1982 1x750ml -24,22 % +++ Pontet Canet 2000 1x750ml +103,87 % +++ Pontet Canet 2003 1x750ml +9,84 % +++ Sociando Mallet 2005 1x750ml -13,70 % +++ Comte de Vogue - Musigny Vieilles Vignes 1999 1x750ml -23,64 % +++ Domaine de la Romanee Conti - Echezeaux 1988 1x750ml +44,62 % +++ Domaine de la Romanee Conti - La Tache 2004 1x750ml -16,32 % +++ Domaine de la Romanee Conti - Romanee Conti 1990 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Domaine de la Romanee Conti - Romanee St Vivant 1982 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Leflaive - Montrachet 2000 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Leroy - Richebourg 1988 1x750ml -7,73 % +++ Mommessin - Clos de Tart 1999 1x750ml +76,47 % +++ Mugnier - Musigny 2001 1x750ml +10,14 % +++ Mugnier - Musigny 2005 1x750ml +5,39 % +++ Rousseau A - Chambertin 2005 1x750ml +1,96 % +++ Rousseau A - Gevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques 2005 1x750ml +32,40 % +++ Müller Catoir - Haardter Bürgergarten Riesling Auslese 2005 1x375ml 0,00 % +++ Prüm JJ - Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Spätlese 2001 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Graham - Vintage Port 2000 1x750ml -22,45 % +++ Quinta do Noval - Vintage Port 1982 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Taylor - Vintage Port 1985 1x750ml +9,52 % +++ D'Arenberg - The Dead Arm Shiraz 2000 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Henschke - Hill Of Grace 1991 1x750ml -3,43 % +++ Penfolds - Grange 1964 1x750ml -1,16 % +++ Wendouree - Shiraz 2004 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Wynns Coonawarra - Cabernet Sauvignon 1991 1x750ml +7,69 % +++ Bollinger - Grande Annee 1995 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Dom Perignon - Vintage 1999 1x750ml +2,58 % +++ Dom Perignon - Vintage 2000 1x750ml +3,05 % +++ Krug - Clos d'Ambonnay 1995 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Krug - Clos du Mesnil 1979 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Krug - Vintage 1990 1x750ml +41,39 % +++ Louis Roederer - Cristal 1999 1x750ml +19,01 % +++ Louis Roederer - Cristal 2002 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Louis Roederer - Cristal 2004 1x750ml -11,17 % +++ Salon - Le Mesnil Blanc des Blancs 1995 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Altesino - Brunello di Montalcino Montosoli 1995 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Argiano - Solengo 2000 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Ornellaia 2001 1x750ml +20,30 % +++ Tenuta San Guido - Sassicaia 2005 1x750ml +68,04 % +++ Valdicava - Brunello di Montalcino Madonna del Piano Riserva 2001 1x750ml -35,71 % +++ Gaja - Barbaresco Costa Russi 2001 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Gaja - Barbaresco Sori San Lorenzo 2000 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Gaja - Barolo Sperss 1997 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Scavino Paolo - Barolo Bric del Fiasc 2000 1x750ml +31,25 % +++ Caymus - Cabernet Sauvignon Special Selection 2006 1x750ml +37,88 % +++ Justin Vineyards Winery - Isosceles Reserve 2000 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Kosta Brown - Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2009 1x750ml 0,00 % +++ Opus one 2001 1x750ml -0,54 % +++ Phelps - Insignia 2001 1x750ml +54,91 % +++ Ridge Vineyard - Cabernet Sauvignon Monte Bello 2008 1x750ml +4,17 % +++ Sine Qua Non - The Thrill Of Stamp 2009 1x750ml -47,39 %

User Instructions



When you are not logged in you can still view all the regions and vineyards. On the page "Cellar" you find the default wine collection, with all the wine prices are in real time. You can also view the wines of the collection in the list view (Cellar – edit collection). Many of the functions are only available in the full version. You cannot edit the wines or delete them! Click on the left table and then click Edit Collection. Now you will see a new table with different usabilitys. These functions are also available in your own wine collection. "Register" to create a sample wine collection and get more relevant hits with the search functions. All the wine prices shown in the free version are 24 months delayed. As a logged in user you can create a collection with up to 25 wines and observe its performance - delayed. Only in the full version you can view real time wine prices. At the end of the Beta phase all registered users will receive a special invitation to use the complete database with daily updated wine prices, data and quantities.



Registration is simple and free. All you need is a valid email address! Click "Register now" on the top right side of the homepage. The registration page appears. Enter your email address and click "Register".

Screenshot of the registration form

You will receive an email with a link that will take you to your personal account page.

Screenshot of the registration email

Choose a username and a password. Repeat the password and then click the Log In button.

Screenshot of the account page

Please memorize your username and password; you will need both of them to log in. (Hint - Should an error message appear, please correct the errors and try again.) Most browsers will ask you if you want to save your log in details.



If you have forgotten your log in details please click the Forgot Login button.

Screenshot of the Password forgotten Form


You can choose between three main search functions: Search, Extended Search and Map Search. You can also search the whole database for quantities and costs using the Trading Volume Search and Price Volume Search.

Screenshot of the homepage


Enter the name of a wine in the Search box. Our wine database will offer you suggestions for the wine or wine price you are looking for. When you find the correct name, click Start. A list of the 100 wines we consider most relevant appears. Click on a wine to see the wine detailed view including the wine prices. A chart shows the performance of the wine prices worldwide (depending on what version you are using you have access to real time costs). You can also compare all the vintages of a vineyard including the wine prices. Click the wine price button to view the price of the wine.



Use Extended Search to narrow your search: select the region, the vintage and the bottle size. Click Start and then click on a single wine to see all the related details. A chart shows the performance of the wine price worldwide (depending on what version you are using you have access to real time price). You can also compare all the vintages of a vineyard. Click the wine price button to view the cost of the wine.

Screenshot of the Extended Search


Our world map offers you a complete overview of all the wine regions of the world. Choose a continent on the world map.

Screenshot of the Map Search

A map of that continent then appears. Choose a country (After clicking on a country such as France or Australia, a map of that country will appear, allowing you to also choose a region). A list of all the vineyards of that country/region appears. You can now click on a vineyard if you wish to see all the wines produced there. If the vineyard only produces one wine, the page with the wine detailed view appears. A chart shows the performance of the wine price worldwide (wine auction prices – depending on what version you are using you have access to real time costs). You can also compare all the vintages of a vineyard. Click the wine price button to view the cost of the wine.



This allows you to search for the trading volumes of the wines. You can search by region, vintage, colour and bottle size. The table shows the first 100 hits. Click on the wine and you will be redirected to its vineyard.

Screenshot of the Trading Volume Search


This allows you to search for the wines with the highest wine price volume, with the highest revenue on the international wine auction market. You can search by region, vintage, colour and bottle size. The table shows the first 100 hits. Click on the wine and you will be redirected to its vineyard.

Screenshot of the Price Volume Search


The "WIN 100®" is the index for fine wines. It includes 100 fine wines of various vintages and regions. We observe daily the performance of these fine wines, which you can view in the chart on our homepage.

Screenshot of the homepage

Observe the performance of fine wines and watch them in comparison to other Indexes such as DOW JONES, SMI, DAX, FTSE, NIKKEI or the Gold price. Our indexes for the Bordeaux region, Burgundy, California, Italy, the Champagne region, Germany, Australia or the port wine index give you an overview of these wines, performance in other regions. The performance of the "Win 100"shows an increasing trend above 900% since 01.01.1996. The "WIN 100®" as well as our other indexes shows the investment potential of fine wines. All our indexes started on 01.01.1996 with the same number of points as the DAX, which makes it easier to compare the performance of the indexes. All the indexes are updated daily with wine prices from wine auctions all over the world.

Screenshot of the index chart


  • The WIN 100® consists of major wines, often sold at auctions, from all the wine regions
  • DerThe Bor-I shows the performance of wine prices in the Bordeaux region
  • The Bur-I shows the performance of wine prices in Burgundy
  • The Cham-I shows the performance of wine prices in the Champagne region
  • The Ital-I shows the performance of wine prices from the Italian wines
  • The Cal-I shows the performance of wine prices of Californian wines
  • The Aus-I shows the performance of wines and wine auction prices in Australia
  • The Port-I shows the performance of wine prices of port wine
  • The Ger-I shows the performance of wine prices in Germany


Under the Search buttons on the homepage you see the chart showing the wine indexes. To compare them, just click on the name of an index above the chart. If you want to remove the index from the chart, click again on the name. All indexes started on the 01.01.1996 with the start value from DAX!

Screenshot of the index chart

Click the Plus button (+) to see a bigger image, click the same button again to see the normal size.



Click on Map Search and a map of the world appears. Above the map you see the first real-time data., with information on regions, amount of vineyards, amount of wine auctions, cumulated value of all wine auctions, most wanted and best performer wine and, with Version 2, which wines have the highest capital growth.



Let’s say we are looking for "Domaine de la Romanee Conti" in Burgundy, one of the most known wines in the world. Burgundy is in France. We click Map Search and search for Europe.

Screenshot of the Map Search

If you position your mouse over an area in the map, that area will be highlighted and you will see its name. We have now found Europe and click on it. A map of Europe appears (Hint – If you have clicked on the wrong region just click the Back button to go back to the previous page)

Screenshot Of the Map Search - Europe

Above the map you see the latest information on the area you chose. You can only click on darker areas. Some countries (such as Andorra or Lichtenstein) are too small for the map and are represented with buttons below the map. Now we click on France, and a map of France appears, with its regions. We want to find Burgundy and click on it.

Screenshot of the Map Search - Europe - France


Above the map there is a wine region overview, with the latest information about this region. All the wines currently in our database are listed here. (Hint - vineyards are added daily, you can find a list of the newly added vineyards in the sidebar on the right.) The vineyards are in alphabetical order. You can also sort them out according to wine price volume and wine trading volume.



Our system orders all the vineyards by the amount of the business transactions currently in our database. The table shows the exact amount of wine auctions and the amount of wines produced.

Screenshot of regions ordered by trading volume


Our system orders all the vineyards by how high the general wine auction prices is. The table shows the wine price volume of the wine auctions and the amount of wines produced. (Hint - If you position your mouse over a symbol, a tag with its function appears)

Screenshot of regions ordered by wine price volume


You can scroll the page down until you reach a letter, or you can click on that letter. (Hint - On the bottom right of every table there is an arrow. Click on it to go back to the top of the page.) We want to look for "Domaine de la Romanee-Conti" You will find it under the letter D. On the left, next to the name of the vineyard, there are coloured bullets that show you which type of wine is produced in this vineyard (port wine, red wine, rose and white wine). Click on the name of the vineyard. A new page with all the relevant information opens. (Hint - If you think that a vineyard is often traded in wine auctions, you might search by wine trading volume or wine price volume, because the vineyard you are looking for would appear on top of the list. Otherwise you can use the browser function that allows to look for a word or a name in the website.)

Screenshot of the vineyards list under the letter 'D' –Domaine de la Romanee Conti

SOn top of the table you see now all information about this vineyard. Our database shows the amount of wine auctions, the amount of vintages of a wine listed on the website and the wine type.



The different search functions are very helpful, especially when a vineyard produces many wines. When you have found the wine you are looking for just click on its name.



You have clicked on the name of a wine in the vineyard section (For instance – Vineyard: "Domaine Romanee-Conti" – Wine: "La Tache") A chart appears, showing you the current wine price (on the right side). Under the wine auction price you find the Add to Watchlist and Add to Collection buttons.

Screenshot of a wine chart


Above the chart you see the current information on the vineyard and the wine you have chosen. Under the chart there are various buttons, from 3M – Max. Use these buttons to change the view of the chart and the wine value.

  • 3M - shows the wine auction price performance over the last 3 months
  • 6M - shows the wine auction price performance over the last 6 months
  • 1Y - shows the wine auction price performance over last year
  • 2Y - shows the wine auction price performance over the last 2 years
  • 5Y - shows the wine auction price performance over the last 5 years
  • 10Y - shows the wine auction price performance over the last 10 years
  • MAX - shows the general wine auction price performance

You can also select the bottle size and the vintage (selectors on top of the chart). If you change the bottle size, you also automatically change the bottle size in the vintage table (Version N2). A new table appears with all the available vintages for this bottle size. With Version 2 you will see a general view of all the vintages under the table. Here you can compare the wine auction price performance of all the vintages. You see the start wine price and the highest wine price until now. Click on the button Real Time to see the current cost of every single vintage and a chart with the trend. You can also add the wine to your collection or to a watchlist.



To use this function you need to be registered.

Screenshot of the Cellar

Click on Cellar (in the main menu), then on Add New Collection. Now create your collection and type the name of the collection in the box. Click on the Send button. The messages „please wait“ and „ process completed“ will shortly appear on the screen.

Screenshot of cellar – creating a collection

You will then be redirected to the page showing you an overview of all the collections. Your new collection will be underneath the Default Collection. You can now add the first wine to your collection: click Add Wine from Database“ or Add Wine Manually“. Click on Add Wine form Database and you will be redirected to the homepage.

Screenshot of Cellar – Add Wine from Database


You have just created your first collection and now you are back on the homepage. You can choose between Search, Extended Search and Map Search. For example: let’s take the "Mouton Rothschild”, one of the most widely known wines in the world. Type “Mout” in the search box. A list containing the ten most important hits will appear. (Hint - if the results don’t show please click right next to the last letter you typed in)

Screenshot of the search - 'Mout'

The first result is "Mouton Rotschild”. Click on the full name to enter it into the search box and click on Start. A list of all the relevant hits will appear. In this example there is only one result.

Screenshot of the search result


Add the wine to your collection or to a watchlist using the two icons on the right (if you position your mouse over the icon, a tag with its function appears). Let’s add a wine to your collection. Click on the Add to Collection icon and a form appears. Please enter the exact details of the wine.



1. Cellar: look for the name of your collection and chose it. 2. Region, vineyard, wine: the wine region, the name of the vineyard and the wine are already selected. 3. Vintage: now choose the vintage. 4. Bottle size: Choose a bottle size. 5. Cost per bottle: to be able to calculate the wine price increase of your wine, please type in the cost per bottle. Please use a full stop instead of commas when typing in a decimal number. 6. Amount: Please insert the amount of bottles as a whole number, without commas. 7. Date: Select the date on which you bought the wine. 8. You can also select the colour of the wine. 9. Add the wine retailer, the main grape variety, a description of the wine and further information (optional). 10. Also optional but often very useful are information about the drinkability of the wine.

Form – Add Wine to Collection

Check that the details you have entered are correct. Click on Send and the wine appears immediately in your collection. A new page appears, showing you an overview of your collection.* (Hint - If the form appears, there might be an error in one of the details. The error is marked in red.



You can create one or more collections with various bottle sizes (not available in all versions!). As a registered user you can create a trial collection, and add up to 25 wines to it. (Hint - Please remember that real time wine prices are only available in the full version.

Screenshot of Cellar - above

After you have added a wine to your collection, you see three wine price tables at the bottom of the page. These tables show you all the wines you have added and sort them out in different categories. 1. Wines with the best performance (best 10 wines) 2. Wines with the worst performance (worst 10wines) 3. A complete list of all the wines. The tables include the following data: blue Info button, wine region, vineyard, wine, vintage, amount of bottles, purchase price, current wine value, value performance over the last 3 months, last year and the general performance since the purchase.

Screenshot of Cellar - bottom

On the right there are two icons; click on the binoculars the wine to a watchlist. Click on the red (X) to delete the wine from your collection. In the middle you see the button Start Collection; please click on it only once you have added all the wines to your collection, otherwise the performance of the wine might show adulterated results. (Hint - If you add wines after you have started the collections, our database considers it an increase in value and shows a higher value performance



At the beginning of each line there is a blue Info button. This button is a link to the wine overview, containing all the details about this wine.

Screenshot of Cellar - Info Button


On the top left you see the wine with its vintage and bottle size; on the right side you see a stylised label. Here you find all of the details you entered. Click on the arrows on the top right to leaf through your collection (internal arrow – slow, external arrow – fast).

Cellar – detailed view


Click the Edit Wine button just above the label and you can change or add details. The details you can change are marked in white.

Cellar detailed view – Edit button

You can (depending on the version) move the wine to other collections; change the vintage and the bottle size, the purchase wine price, the amount of bottles, the purchase date and other details. Underneath the data you can enter your personal opinion of the wine and your tasting notes.

Cellar detailed view – Edit mode


It is possible to replace the stylised label with a „real“ one. In Edit mode, go with your mouse arrow on the bottle size specification on the label (on the bottom left of the label). A black area with two arrows appears. With the left arrow you can download this label and use it for your own purpose. With the right one you can choose a label to replace the current one.

Cellar detailed view - Label - Upload Button

Click on the right arrow, Upload Data. Now search for the image with which you wish to replace the old label. Once you have found the image, click Open to start the automatic upload. Within seconds you will be able to see the new label. If you want to delete the label again, click the X on the left next to the arrows, and the old label will appear again.



Click the Save button above the label. This button is only available when you are in edit mode.



If you only have few wines in your collection and you want to be able to see an overview of your whole collection next to the wine detailed view, go to the Cellar page and click Edit Collection.

Cellar – Edit collection

You can order the collection by region, vintage, bottle size, wine colour and wine cost. You can also order it in alphabetical order. You can add any of the wines to a watchlist, by clicking on the binocular icon. A new form appears. After you have filled in the form and clicked Send the wine will be added to the watchlist.

Edit Cellar
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